AGS-003 is based on Argos Therapeutics’ Arcelis™ Platform, which is a fully personalized, active immunotherapy technology platform that can be leveraged to develop personalized therapies for any cancer or infectious disease.

The proprietary process uses RNA isolated from the patient sample to program autologous dendritic cells to target the entire disease-antigen repertoire. The activated, antigen-loaded dendritic cells are then formulated with the patient’s plasma and administered as a simple intradermal injection rather than an intravenous bolus or infusion.

Overcoming Immunosuppression

AGS-003 is an active cancer immunotherapy which has demonstrated the potential to reverse tumor induced immunosuppression and trigger a durable memory T cell response.

AGS-003 is designed to induce a specific immune response characterized by the expansion of cytotoxic CD8+ central and effector memory T-cells.