The ADAPT Study is investigating AGS-003, a fully personalized immunotherapy designed to treat metastatic RCC (mRCC). Unlike other immunotherapies on the market or in development, AGS-003 is designed to capture all antigens, including mutated and variant, that are specific to each patient’s disease. In previous clinical trials, it has been shown to overcome tumor-induced immunosuppression after as few as 3-5 doses. In combination with sunitinib, it has been shown to elicit a T-cell response which corresponded to encouraging clinical outcomes.

AGS-003 requires only a small tumor sample to be collected during the standard nephrectomy procedure, which can be done with minimal disruption to routine surgical care and workflow from the operating room (OR) to pathology. The dendritic cells are then developed from monocytes obtained from a single leukapheresis procedure, which are utilized to produce several years of potential therapy for each patient using the current dosing schedule.

  • 1a. Small Amount of Tumor is Collected
  • 1b. Leukapheresis
  • 2a. Tumor RNA
  • 2b. Monocytes
  • 3a. Amplified RNA
  • 3b. Mature Dentritic Cell
  • 4. Mature Electroprorated Dentritic Cell
  • 5. Single Dose Vials (Frozen)
  • 6. Cryoshipper
  • 7. Intradermal Injection